Innovation Professional

Essential and hands-on innovation know-how in a 4 day online workshop

Key aspects

With the Innovation Professional, participants receive a substantial basic training for successful idea generation and the improvement of Innovation culture in companies.

The process of problem definition, idea generation and idea evaluation in a team is the focus of the Professional Module. However, it is about much more than just tools and methods. Mindset, creativity barriers and good team synchronization are just a few examples of the many exciting topics we work on in the Innovation Professional.

20 %

of the participants rate the practical benefit of the training as excellent 

4 out of 5

Participants book at least one further module after the Innovation Professional for deepening their knowledge

20 %

of the content is based on experience from implemented innovation projects 

4 out of 5

participants conducted significantly more innovation workshops after the training

2022 there's more in store

We are starting right away with our Professional into 2022 – with new ideas and even more input for the participants! What’s new?

New Online – &
Offline methods

Like the exciting creativity technique
Inspiration Cards – With each participant’s own Inspiration Card Set to get started right away.

New knowledge

Know-How from Neuroscience:
How creativity functions in the brain and what this means for innovation work

Method Book

Over 555 methods in the form of our large “Innovator´s Dictionary” for each participant to take home for browsing and further inspiration.

For whom?

The training to become an Innovation Coach is ideal for all those who

in their professional environment.

The Training is addressed to


per participant
  • 16 x 90 Minutes
  • Online Live
  • spread over 4 days


per team / up to 15 participants
  • on site at your place
  • up to 15 participants
  • content customizable

Note for german clients: Our offers are exclusively directed to entrepreneurs according to §14 BGB. We do not conclude contracts with consumers. Therefore all prices are indicated in net, plus the currently valid VAT.  


Global Innovation Professional 1-2022
Online 4 days – via Zoom

09.03. / 10.03. / 24.03. / 25.03.2022
Times to be announced

Global Innovation Professional 1-2023
Online 4 days – via Zoom

07.02. / 08.02. / 21.02. / 22.02.2023
Times to be announced


How does creative thinking work? Why do we often have thinking blocks? How do I and my team develop new perspectives?

  • Recognize that profitable ideas are no coincidence
  • Discover the possibilities and potential of lateral thinking
  • Find new ideas through new perspectives
  • Overcome specific thinking blockades and arrive at new perspectives
  • Learn to use creativity techniques correctly and successfully

Discover tools and perspectives with which you can significantly increase your creative potential. Learn how to motivate your teams with creative impulses and lead them to innovative top performances.

  • Gain insight into the Design Thinking approach
  • Identify the challenges for which Design Thinking is the approach
  • Find the right questions for your innovation challenge

Learn more about systematic methods to identify and develop really good ideas

  • Identify the right ideas!
  • Introduce systematic methods for idea recognition and evaluation
  • Learn methods for dealing with concerns

With new instruments to bundle creative forces

  • Get to know exciting methods for systematic idea generation such as innovation design and others
  • Turn your meetings into a motor of ideas for a successful business
  • Increase the probability of continuous, but also radical innovations

The curriculum

Would you like a detailed overview of our training?
Feel free to download our course curriculum as a PDF for free.

Get the curriculum for the Innovation Coach training

Here you can download the curriculum for the training free of charge.


During the Innovation Professional training you will get answers to the following questions: 


The only prerequisite for participation in the Innovation Professional training is a basic knowledge of working with groups. Neither in the Innovation Professional nor in other parts of the training are basic moderation skills taught.  

Apply now to participate

Also in 2022 there will be a Global Innovation Coach training. The individual modules Professional, Master and Facilitator will take place online-live throughout the year.

Apply here to secure one of 12 places in the Innovation Professional 2022. We look forward to your application and a subsequent personal meeting with you.

You can apply for the entire Global Innovation Coach Training 2022, or for one of the individual modules Professional, Master or Facilitator.

Comments of our customers

We are very happy about the positive comments of our customers, who have already taken part in one of our training courses

Your trainers and the buddy mode

In the training to become an Innovation Professional, you profit directly from the practical experience of the two verrocchio founders Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz. They have supported more than 2,000 innovation projects in 25 countries over the past 20 years, and packaged this innovation knowledge directly into their own books and training formats.

Our participants always experience us in “buddy mode” – during and after our trainings. This means for us as mentors: 

  • The participants always experience us at eye level
  • The participants should always become better than us mentors
  • We always work together with visual tools
  • Participants and we from verrocchio permanently tell each other our experiences – we have already seen a lot in innovation work
  • We both learn in an upward evolving learning/experience helix
  • Even after the training we can work together on projects of the participants

We are often approached by innovation coaches after the training to assist with an important workshop or innovation project. Our buddy mode philosophy ensures that we always go into the challenge together – this ensures:

  • You are not perceived as a “student” or “helper” or “co-moderator”, but as an equal innovation coach on par with the verrocchio expert.
  • We thereby strengthen your visibility and standing, because you must continue to have a top standing in your company after the workshop – better even than before.
  • There are no frictional losses in the work packages after the workshop.
  • You will become more confident with new methods and tools even faster.
  • Optionally, in buddy mode, we can additionally equip our handouts and MethodPads with the company’s logo, thus reducing acceptance and start-up barriers.  

Christian Buchholz & Benno van Aerssen


Included in all packages 

Detailed participant documents to read up on

verrocchio MethodPads and tools licensed for use in own workshops

3 months FLIP-Premium access

Lifelong membership in the Innovator’s Circle 

Personal contact to the speakers for questions after the workshop 

Personal verrocchio certificate of participation