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20 %

4 out of 5

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per participant
  • 16 x 90 Minutes
  • Online Live
  • spread over 4 days


per team / up to 15 participants
  • on site at your place
  • up to 15 participants
  • content customizable



How does creative thinking work? Why do we often have thinking blocks? How do I and my team develop new perspectives?

  • Recognize that profitable ideas are no coincidence
  • Discover the possibilities and potential of lateral thinking
  • Find new ideas through new perspectives
  • Overcome specific thinking blockades and arrive at new perspectives
  • Learn to use creativity techniques correctly and successfully

Discover tools and perspectives with which you can significantly increase your creative potential. Learn how to motivate your teams with creative impulses and lead them to innovative top performances.

  • Gain insight into the Design Thinking approach
  • Identify the challenges for which Design Thinking is the approach
  • Find the right questions for your innovation challenge

Learn more about systematic methods to identify and develop really good ideas

  • Identify the right ideas!
  • Introduce systematic methods for idea recognition and evaluation
  • Learn methods for dealing with concerns

With new instruments to bundle creative forces

  • Get to know exciting methods for systematic idea generation such as innovation design and others
  • Turn your meetings into a motor of ideas for a successful business
  • Increase the probability of continuous, but also radical innovations

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