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per participant
  • 16 x 90 Minutes
  • Online Live
  • spread over 4 days


per team / up to 15 participants
  • on site at your place
  • up to 15 participants
  • content customizable



Idea generation, creative meetings and creativity techniques

  • How is a motivating and modern creative meeting structured?
  • Which know-how and which methods does the moderator need?
  • How to choose the appropriate creativity technique?
  • How does the evaluation promote the idea with the most potential?
  • What is the task of the different audits?

Visual Facilitating supports the work of groups with visual language – in creative processes, presentations, workshops, coaching and also in any simple meeting situation.

  • Visual Facilitating, Graphic Recording
  • Big Picture
  • Visual language, visual vocabulary

The introduction of creativity techniques and innovation management in a company poses particular challenges for trainers and consultants. Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz share their experience from numerous successful innovation projects with the participants of the trainer module.

  • Challenges in the design and implementation of innovative processes
  • Dealing successfully with concerns
  • Structure and setup of a goal-oriented consultation
  • Solution of critical situations in training and in the consulting process

The curriculum

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Comments of our customers

We are very happy about the positive comments of our customers, who have already taken part in one of our training courses

Marcus Persing Haniel AG

"The training at verrocchio is from practice for practice. The exchange with both of them and the participants was very valuable for me and my inspiration to start right away was and is enormous - nothing has changed in that until today. I especially liked the fact that the two of them not only introduce the creative methods, but also tell us from their experience for whom and in which situations which method is suitable and let us as participants experience the effect directly.
It was exciting until the end!"

Evelyn Lucassen Evelyn Lucassen - Coaching, Training, Moderation

"In addition to the refreshing manner of the two, Benno and Christian, I found the content of the training very enriching. They do not see their knowledge and skills as intellectual property. Instead of seeing us participants as potential competitors on the trainer market, the relationship was open and very cooperative. All methods, the self-developed tools and working materials are available to us for our own work in innovation management. I go back to work full of new ideas, suggestions and a filled method box. I am looking forward to it!

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