Innovation Coach

Comprehensive innovation qualification with integrated practical phase

Key aspects

The certification as “Innovation Coach” includes all 3 modules Innovation Professional, Innovation Master, Innovation Facilitator. In addition, an in-depth practical phase is the core of this overall certification.

While the 3 modules focus on the transfer of knowledge and tools, the entire Innovation Coach training focuses on the ability to support other people in developing a lively innovation culture and professional innovation ability.

This requires an intensive examination of concrete innovation topics in practice. For this reason, the practical phase of the training includes accompanying the participants in a concrete innovation project over a period of max. 12 months. This mentoring program is supervised by verrocchio founders Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz.

The certification as an Innovation Coach therefore not only has a high quality and range of content, but also a proven sustainability, which is unique in the market.


In order to receive the certificate “Innovation Coach” as a complete certification, a total of 4 training sections must be completed:

1. obtaining the certificate “Innovation Professional” (module)
2. obtaining the certificate “Innovation Master” (module)
3. obtaining the certificate “Innovation Facilitator” (module)
4. deepening practical phase including a practical project work

20 %

of the participants have implemented an innovation project in the company during the training

5 out of 5

participants felt supported at any time during the 12 months

20 %

of the content is based on experience from implemented innovation projects 

5 out of 5

participants are an integral part of the verrocchio Alumni network for further exchange

For whom?

The training to become an Innovation Coach is ideal for all those who

in their professional environment.

The Training is addressed to


You participate in the modules Innovation Professional, Innovation Master and Innovation Facilitator. Each module takes place 1-3 times per year. You will find the dates on the respective page. You are free to choose – take the training days that suit you best.

Each participant chooses an individual practical project in his company that fulfills a concrete, relevant innovation goal.

Examples can be:

  • Moderation of an innovation project
  • Conception and establishment of an innovation room in the company
  • Development or adaptation of an innovation tool
  • Design and implementation of an internal innovation campaign
  • Conception and implementation of innovation seminars
  • etc.

This project must fulfil a concrete benefit for the participant or the organization and at the same time demonstrate the participant’s competence in implementation

All participants of the certification have a personal mentor in Benno van Aerssen or Christian Buchholz for the duration of the practical project, who answers individual questions as a sparring partner.

Monthly online video coaching sessions are also held. Here each participant has the opportunity to present the current status of his or her project and discuss it with both mentors and the other participants.

In the online video coaching sessions, participants get together in smaller groups to provide targeted and individual answers to the participants’ current questions about the practical project.

We meet with the group on 2 dates during the project phase for a colloquium.

At the halfway point of the in-depth practical phase, the interim statuses of the individual projects are presented in order to obtain feedback from the group and to adjust the direction of the project. Past challenges can be reflected on together, upcoming hurdles can be solved together.

The second day is held at the conclusion of the project, tentatively at the end of the year in December. The final presentations show the summary of the successfully completed project. With the handing over of the certificate “Innovation Coach” the following celebration can start.

All participants receive an unrestricted FLIP PREMIUM access worth 399 EUR for the period of certification. If the participant should already possess this, the already paid time is extended by the 12 months.

Your trainers

In the training to become an Innovation Coach, you profit directly from the practical experience of the two verrocchio founders Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz, who have accompanied more than 2,000 innovation projects in 25 countries in the last 20 years. 


At the Innovation Coach Training you will receive answers to the following questions: 


All modules of the Innovation Coach training (Innovation Professional, Innovation Master, Innovation Facilitator) as well as the in-depth practical project can also be booked individually.
You have the possibility to take part in one or more modules and then decide on the in-depth practical project. Please contact us at any time.

You do not have to work on the project for 12 months, this is only the maximum project duration for the verrocchio Institute!

Innovation Coach
Full certification

With advance payment as package price per participant
  • Participation in all 3 modules
  • Individual practice project
  • Personal mentor for 12 months

* The full Innovation Coach certification booked step by step in modules: 12.000,- €  Note for german clients: Our offers are exclusively directed to entrepreneurs according to §14 BGB. We do not conclude contracts with consumers. Therefore all prices are indicated in net, plus the currently valid VAT.  

Included in this package

Detailed participant documents to read up on

verrocchio MethodPads and tools licensed for use in own workshops

12 months FLIP-Premium access

Lifelong membership in the Innovator’s Circle 

12 months Mastermind

Personal verrocchio certificate of participation

You are

Here you can contact us to discuss your participation in the Innovation Coach full certification.